Our Day Program is designed for adults over 18 living with mental illness, who are not in need of 24-hour oversight, yet would benefit from the security and stable environment associated with socialization, therapies and/or activities. We offer a full spectrum of clinical and psychotherapies, with access to our many effective and enjoyable Adjunct Therapies.

Programming operates weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM and includes lunch. Recommended participation is 2 to 5 days per week. (Pricing varies according to therapies selected.)

The Day Program incorporates the Bright Path Neurobehavioral IOP which leads participants toward their individual goals, such as volunteering, attending college and/or re-entering the workforce.

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Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment. Studies indicate that mindfulness reduction programs can reduce anxiety and increase general well-being and overall happiness.

Mindfulness is integrated into our day and 24/7 residential programs each week, teaching clients how to relate differently to stress, through mindful movement, meditation, group discussion and inquiry. We teach practical ways to integrate learned techniques into daily life, which builds and sustains a continued practice geared toward lowering stress.

The Cottages on Mountain Creek offers specialized residential programming for individuals 18 and older, living with mental illness. We are licensed by the state of Georgia as a Personal Care Home.

Our Clinical Director, Medical Director, psychotherapist, psychopharmacologist and adjunct therapists work together to provide various levels of treatment and living arrangements. The Cottages also coordinates care to assist our residents seeking volunteer positions, re-entry into college and/or re-entry into the workforce.

Residents have access to our complete Day Programs, including Adjunct Therapies.

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Residential Program Options:

24/7 Stabilization

Our 24/7 Stabilization programming option provides housing and care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residents may enter the 24/7 Residential Program either from the hospital or from a home setting.

Length of stay varies according to individual needs; the severity of symptoms and response to our programming will determine the total length of stay and associated costs.

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Employment Preparation

The Cottages Pre-Employment Prep Program is a 12-week session for residents. In week one, participants complete an assessment of work history and employment interests. The following 11 weeks of workforce preparation address:

  • Employability skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Managing emotions in the workplace
  • Managing stress in the workplace
  • Customer service
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Dressing for success
  • Interview skills

When combined with the optional Bright Path Neurobehavioral Program (IOP), the Pre-Employment Prep Program provides seamless, documented, results-driven curriculum that creates a coordinated continuum of recovery from acute care to reintegration into society.

Social & Community Activities

Social, cultural and community-based activities are provided to residents of our Stabilization and Independent Living Programs. This includes access to outings once a week and once per weekend. 

Activities take place on evenings and weekends and may include:

  • cooking/baking classes
  • arts and crafts projects
  • fitness/Tai Chi
  • recreation or cultural activities (museums, parks, lake outings, restaurants and fairs)*

Trips off-site may also include access to AA meetings, Emotions Meetings and other clinically-based meetings.
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*Additional fees may apply from time to time. to cover venue admission fees. Graduates of our Residential Programs, as well as community members may also access Community Outreach Activities for a fee of $300/month. All participants are required to complete an admission process. 

Independent Living “Step-Up”

Our “Step-Up” programming option allows residents to live independently on Mountain Creek Road with the oversight of a case manager. Residents live in a single-family homes with additional services and programming available at The Cottages on Mountain Creek on a fee-for-service basis.

The convenient Mountain Creek Road location provides independent living residents easy access (via walking and/or public transportation – within two blocks) to shopping, places of employment, churches, the public library, physicians, dental offices, parks and to the MARTA rail line. Just off Interstate 285 and Roswell Road, residents can live and work independently with the comfort and safety of knowing staff and case management is within reach 24 hours a day.
(note that this is different from 24/hour supervision in the Stabilization program).

Our Independent Living option incorporates the Bright Path Neurobehavioral IOP which leads participants toward their individual goals, such as volunteering, attending college and/or re-entering the workforce. 

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Respite Program (Short Term)

Our Respite Program allows families and caretakers to place their family members in a secure environment for an overnight stay, or for a period of up to two weeks.

Respite Residents access full programming including activities, growth therapies, and psychotherapies. They may also opt to participate in adjunct therapies such as art, music, horticultural, culinary and others.

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Bright Path IOP

An adaptable, hands-on clinically based active treatment for people living with mental illness. Each client has his/her own individualized rehabilitation plan unique to their personal and social needs.

With a consistent and measurable curriculum, clients will

  • gain a foundation to reconnect with friends and family
  • actively participate in society (incl. work, education or volunteering)
  • achieve improved socialization and life skills

Senior staff adjust individualized treatment goals and objectives each week, in a multidiscipline team approach (includes client and client’s family/caretaker) to enable clients to self-actualize results based on their current abilities.

Clients and families/caretakers who work with the Cottages will develop cognitive awareness and mindfulness skills to understand their mental health make-up, to surrender to their personal reality, to build resilience to command their fate and to gain awareness and ‘tools’ to cope with and effectively deal with the reality of their mental processing and behavioral patterns. Bright Path IOP has a published curriculum so clients and caretakers know exactly what to expect.

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Bright Path Memory Lane Program

A clinically-based cognitive development treatment and program for seniors living with memory dysfunction.

The Memory Lane documented curriculum offers individual and group learning with a variety of base learning styles, including occupational, physical and speech therapies.

Clients receive a personalized treatment plan,creating a foundation to help them

  • influence or slow cognitive decline
  • adapt level of cognition to “real” variables
    (e.g. visually recognizing family members, recalling music from their past, muscle memory and body movements)
  • maintain, and in some cases, reconnect with friends and family
  • achieve improved socialization and life skills

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The ‘Dealing with Pain’ Intensive Out-Patient Program (IOP)

A seven week, curriculum based Cognitive Therapy multidisciplinary/multimodal program designed to achieve/maintain stability for individuals with severe and persistent pain.

The program is the ‘foundation’ for a fully Integrated Medical-Behavioral Health Continuum-of-Care AND Family education/support center of excellence sponsored by Bright Path Clinical Programs supervised by Dr. Naureen Munawar, Director of NeuroBehavioral Services.

Treatment is individualized and encompasses four components of Pain awareness and management [which includes Physical, Spiritual, Relationship and Family ‘WELLNESS’]. Additional clinical and adjunct interventions and support are also available and can include individual therapy, family support, psychoeducational therapy, medication management and vocational adjunct support.

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